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Poster: stbalbach Date: Mar 24, 2010 8:54pm
Forum: texts Subject: How to Volunteer to Help Internet Archive

Based on the ideas in Brewsters earlier post, I've updated the Unofficial FAQ with some current ways available to help out at Internet Archive, posted below. Don't worry if not everything makes sense, some of it is very much in the guts of the machine so to speak that require special skill or knowledge, but some of it anyone can do (#1 and #2).

(from the Unofficial FAQ)

How do I volunteer to help?

Brewster posted an informal list of ideas on ways to help here. Some ideas are easier than others. They are listed in order roughly from easiest to hardest.

1. New books to the Open Source Books archive. Simply scan/obtain a digital book (or pamphlet etc.) and upload to Internet Archive (Public Domain or Creative Commons).

2. Open Library wiki. Each book on Open Library is an editable wiki page, just like Wikipedia, anyone can edit. There are over 20 million books - an easy place to start would be your own personal library - information about your books such as size and dimension, a pictures, etc.. that you have personal access to can be entered into Open Library's database. Find your book on Open Library, then press the "Edit" button to get started!

3. MARC records. MARC records are obtained from libraries, online book sellers, etc.. Open Library needs records, can you help? More information on MARC.

4. Open Library bots. Bots are needed to pull in data from other sites and populate Open Library with stuff like reviews, etc.. Bots are written using an API (Application Programming Interface) which can be found here. Brewster said "I think it would be really cool to be able to see the nytimes book review for tom sawyer from when it came out."

5. Software development. If you are a programmer and want to help develop the source code for various Internet Archive projects, please see here.

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Poster: garthus Date: Mar 24, 2010 10:23pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: How to Volunteer to Help Internet Archive


A good way to help the open library and the archive optimally is to place the book dimensions, width, height, weight, pages, etc. in the metadata for the archive item. See one of my links:

This one I just put up after weighing, slicing and scanning it. These dimensions should be required of all books being placed in the archive. I even do it for my archive images of non-book items: